Ken Says: August 7th, 2010 at 10:06 pm I broke up with my gf a few days ago. We had only been going together for a month. But in that month, we spent a lot of time together. We saw each other at least three times a week for 6-8 hours on average. We slept over each others houses. It felt like we’d dated for many months when we broke up. She was stressed out from this very large renovation project at her hotel. She would come home crying from the stress.That, and she had no time for me, working as much as she did. Also, I go back to college next month on top of working full time. And money was tight for both of us. My immediate assumption was that I did something wrong. For the next couple days I called her and texted her, telling her how I missed her. She started ignoring me at that point. In that time, I decided that I would give her the space she needs. I also realized that I needed to take some time to heal emotionally and learn to love myself. I understand now that I was dependent on the love of others to feel good about myself. It has now been four days and I am okay with the breakup. I may try to get back together with her in the future. I just don’t know how long I should wait. Was this just a fling? I doubt it. There was so much more than just sex to our relationship. there was a deep connection. What do you think? Is this worth saving? Or should I move on?

imissrpk105 Says: August 22nd, 2010 at 7:43 am Hey guys, I’m a girl but I’m in a similar situation. My ex boyfriend, whom I was with for 2 years is in regular contact with me. He initiates contact via chat or text, phone calls sometimes. I did the whole no contact rule thing & it has been 8 weeks since we broke up. I’ve seen him briefly after a random request to accompany him to Best Buy to pick up a keyboard. He wants to see me & comes up with so many silly suggestions/excuses such as visiting me at work or me picking up stuff from his apartment I gave him the go-ahead to trash now that he’s moving out of his apartment: “do you want to come by & pick up the spices/condiments/your missing sock/borrow my mini fridge/your broken printer, etcetera since I’m moving out?” His conversations beat around the bush to talk to me, like last week he went on & on about how he burnt his tongue on pizza & was overjoyed to swipe an umbrella someone left in a taxi… He also gives me compliments on my achievements at work & looks from FB pics online.

HOWEVER he’s the one that broke up with me, humiliated me, made me feel like crap by pointing out everything about wrong with me, demonized us our relationship b/c we went through a rough patch for the two weeks I lived with him while I was unemployed. He went on & on about how dysfunctional we were when our overall relationship didn’t even have that many arguments, but full of wonderful memorable moments together. He told me ahead of time he runs away from his problems… He’s ended all of his relationships on his terms b/c ran away before they could resolve issues. These “issues” also occur during finals weeks, NYS Bar exam prep, and any other stressful period. I knew this & I knew we’d be on good terms after the bar, but he called it quits before I could try to work it out.

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